We provide our readers a very general and easily comprehensible insight into some of the major present-day bodily ailments that they themselves (or their near and dear ones) may be suffering from. Yes, we offer you some very pertinent and informative details that even your physician may not have the time to discuss with you. However, you MUST know all such relevant pathological/therapeutic details. It is YOUR body after all. The presenter here is Dr. P. Kumar, who taught ‘clinical physiology’ for about four decades at Hansraj College, University of Delhi, India.

Lack of most basic healthcare & medicare awareness is a major factor contributing to heightened morbidity factor amongst patients afflicted with various diseases, especially the more commonly occurring ‘lifestyle-associated’ maladies like obesity, hypertension, coronary artery disease and diabetes. Countless diabetics die every year just because they are too apprehensive to accept regular insulin jabs when their oral drug therapy has failed in maintaining their blood glucose levels within normal limits. Yet, they don’t mind pricking their finger several times a day for monitoring their blood glucose profiles. Education is lacking here. And, the much harried physician simply doesn’t have the time to force the issue with them.  Basic healthcare & medicare education is needed in all such scenarios – sometimes even for the doctors concerned. It is so common to note patients and normal healthy persons ignoring common symptoms that may lead to an early diagnosis & treatment of an underlying disease. Yes, the imperative need for public education is spelt again and again in the context of basic healthcare issues.

“Basic Healthcare for All” is an easily comprehensible exposition of matters that lets us understand our various health issues, especially the ones that are lifestyle-related. The information being provided in these pages must not be treated as any formal or informal medical advice. Please do seek proper medical consultation of any/all of your ailments, and use the information provided herein only for a proper comprehension of your stated health issues and their course of treatment in a proper perspective. 

The primary purpose of this web site is to provide an online nodal resource base to the visitors about the very many medical issues (diseases, routine drugs and specialized treatments) that they counter in life. The entire medical/clinical description is being provided in an easily-comprehensible, simple one-page format, avoiding all the technical jargon.